We know that you need mortgage. our goal is to do pre qualification before searching properties.That saves you time and gives you advantage  

Our experienced Residential service sector offers superior  services, whether the transaction involves a single-family home, or condo.

Our Commercial Services are exceptional. From lease to purchase of place of business and even purchase of business, we will be with you.

Commercial  تجاری

 Leader of the Metropolitan Real Estate Community


Residential  مسکونی

Realtor & Mortgage Broker

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Buying or selling a home or business is a monumental endeavor. SHAHRAM HAMRAZ will provide the professional and courteous service you deserve during this complex transaction. Timely preparation of title documents. Exceptional customer service. Competitive pricing. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line.

Shahram (Shawn) is a Mortgage broker and A Realtor.

شهرام همراز به عنوان ریلتور و مورگیج بروکر فعالیت می کند. داشتن این دو لایسنس به شما کمک می کند تا سرعت کار تان افزایش یابد و نیازی به رفت و برگشت و اتلاف وقت بین متخصص وام مسکن و ریلتور نیست.

شهرام همراز

Mortgage  وام مسکن