Giving back

Shahram(Shawn) practice Quality Engineering for about 20 years. All of his negotiation skills has been incorporated in Real Estate industry.

Shahram has been graduated from the best university in the native country. He has two licences, Mortgage Broker and Realtor.

Realtor & Mortgage Broker

​604 441 0874    

Shahram is participating in so many public and community events, including almost three events per year.

بودن در کامیونیتی ایرانی و ساپورت کردن مناسبت های ایرانی و از آنجمله نوروز و جشن تیرگان از جمله اقدامات ایشان است

شهرام همراز به عنوان نتها حامی جایزه ادبی همراه مشغول به خدمت به کامیونیتی فارسی زبان است